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The Lancer Athletics program has a storied history with more than a few championship banners. Yet, we believe athletics consists of more than just wins and losses - some of the most important triumphs are outside of competition. We encourage our student-athletes to thrive not only on the court, but in the classroom. Lancer Nation offers 26 varsity sports. We are a member of the North Puget Sound League at the 4A level, so whether you join the team or cheer from the stands, being part of the action is easy. 

Policies and Expectations      

Attendance Regulations

School Attendance: In order to compete or practice, the following attendance regulations shall prevail:

  • Students are expected to be in attendance in order to participate in athletics that day or evening.
  • Students who have been truant during any part of the day, including assemblies and Masses, may not participate or compete until reinstated by the coach and principal or the designee.
  • Students who participate in athletics on school nights are expected to be in school for first period the following day. Chronic violation may result in the loss of participation.
  • Anyone checking into the Campus Life Health Center 6th or 7th periods may not be eligible to participate in any extracurricular activities held that day or evening.

Practice Attendance: Regular attendance and promptness are imperative if students are to succeed as athletes. Occasionally it may be necessary to be either absent or tardy; however, common courtesy dictates that students notify their coaches in advance of a missed practice. Please note that playing time may be affected by an absence and will be handled at the coach’s discretion.


Except for extraordinary situations, an athlete must travel to and from athletic contests in vehicles provided by the school. Permission to travel with a parent may be granted by a coach with the appropriate paperwork completed.

  • Athletes will remain with the squad and under the supervision of the coach when attending away contests.
  • Athletes will refrain from misconduct while traveling to and from athletic contests.
  • Athletes will dress appropriately and in good taste, according to team standards.

Sports Transfer:

  • An athlete who wishes to change from one sport to another during a specific sports season must receive the approval of both coaches involved and then communicate with the AD office to ensure a transfer of information and emergency form to be received by the other coach. 
Letter Requirements

The following basic premise is understood in establishing letter requirements for each sport at Kennedy Catholic High School:

  • The head coach of any sport, with the approval of the administration, has the responsibility for setting the requirements and awarding varsity letters for the sport.
  • The coach has the right to award letters to participants, even though the letter requirements for that sport have not been satisfied. The following are conditions that would warrant this kind of coach’s decision:
    • If, in the judgment of the coach, the athlete would have lettered but did not compete for a significant portion of the season because of medical problems.
    • If the participant is a senior who has turned out for two or more years and has contributed to the total program of that sport.
  • Athletes of Kennedy Catholic High School are limited to the wearing of the following letters and emblems on approved school athletic sweaters and jackets:
    • The first time an athlete letters, the school letter and a bar may be worn on a sweater or jacket.
    • Subsequent years in which an athlete letters are to be indicated by the placement of additional bars on the original letter (thus, the maximum number of bars would be four).
    • Emblems may be worn to indicate individual, individual event, or team champions for different levels of competition, beginning with league. Also, emblems may be worn to reflect ribbons, medals, or team trophies won at the state level of competition.
    • Stars may be worn to indicate individual or team advancement to post-season levels of competition (e.g., league, district, state). Stars may also be worn to reflect selection to the all-league first team.
    • Only recognition received while a student at Kennedy Catholic High School may be reflected on a Kennedy Catholic letter jacket or sweater.
    • Athletes who fail to observe these guidelines will lose the privilege of wearing a school letter sweater or jacket.

Note: Items such as the athlete’s name and year of graduation may be added at the request of the student.