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Don Hoffman, Athletic Director

It is a privilege to be the Athletic Director at Kennedy Catholic High School. I have been involved in Lancer athletics nearly my entire life! My tenures with the girls' basketball program (13 years), boys' basketball (12 years) and football (26 years) have given me the honor of working with many outstanding student athletes and coaches. The emotions of big wins and the heartbreak of tough losses make athletics a unique opportunity to learn the value of hard work and the desire to work harder.

The future of Kennedy Catholic and Lancer Athletics is bright. I look forward to working with the outstanding coaches across all our 25 athletic offerings. From a coaching perspective, I know the countless hours they put in and their dedication to their programs. I know when Lancer athletes take the field, court, or pool it is important to them and they will compete to the best of their God given ability.

The Athletic department is committed to having a first-class program and offer athletes lessons on mental toughness, passion, integrity and service.

I am looking forward to the next chapter of Lancer Athletics and working with our student athletes and coaches!

Blessed to be a Lancer,

Don Hoffman
Athletic Director


The Lancer Athletics program has a storied history with more than a few championship banners. Yet, we believe athletics consists of more than just wins and losses - some of the most important triumphs are outside of competition. We encourage our student-athletes to thrive not only on the court, but in the classroom. Lancer Nation offers 26 varsity sports. We are a member of the North Puget Sound League at the 4A level, so whether you join the team or cheer from the stands, being part of the action is easy. 


The philosophy of Kennedy Catholic Athletics is based upon two pillars that complement those of the school community as a whole: to foster a championship culture and in turn establish a world-class high school athletic program.

Lancer Athletics is not seeking success purely for the sake of championships, trophies, and top-level collegiate progression. While some programs might sacrifice the positive culture of a group for short-term success of a few, a true world-class program is one whose accolades are a by-product of the culture, and not the other way around.


    Photos courtesy of Mike Tedesco, Reaction Photography