Batterberry Book Fund

Kennedy Catholic High School offers textbook assistance through the Batterberry Book Fund. Students who need support in purchasing textbooks can fill out a Batterberry Book Fund Request Form. In order to fulfill as many requests as possible, we try to provide the two or three most expensive books for each request. Students are welcome to make additional requests however there is no guarantee that we can fulfill the added books.

Batterberry Book Fund Request Forms can be picked up in the Kennedy Catholic main office or click here to download. Forms should be returned to Sofia Lopez by email or to the main office.

Students are asked to return Batterberry Books at the end of the school year. In returning gently used books, students will be partnering with us in helping future Kennedy Catholic students receive needed textbooks.


We accept donations of gently used textbooks to the Batterberry Book Fund. Please contact us about book donations. By donating used textbooks, you will be partnering with us to help future Kennedy Catholic students receive the textbooks they need.