The goal of the Robotics club is to gather students with an interest in robotics, engineering, building, math, physics, coding, and/or design. Previous knowledge or experience is not required. Everyone is welcome. Students with a wide range of experience are encouraged to join us and learn more!

Year 1 Goals: To build robots! Our first year, we will start small building skills, having fun, and even competing in and outside of the classroom. Since everyone has different skills/experience, we will experiment with several different robots to get started:

Year 2 Goals: It is our goal in the second year of robotics to participate in the FIRST Robotics Competition! All skill levels are able to compete making it a valuable opportunity for all students to collaborate and bring unique skills forward. With enough student interest, we will launch a robotics class in addition to maintaining a competitive robotics club. We hope to expand our workshop space as well as our kits and materials.


LEGO MINDSTORMSEV3 – This is an “entry level” robot built using LEGOs. It’s fun to start with this because, well, LEGOs are fun! Students will build a robot, program the robot to do things, and use smart devices (phone or tablet) to explore various capabilities.

BOE-BOT ROBOT–The Boe-Bot Robot allows students to build a robot with a BASIC Stamp 2 microcontroller brain! Students will write a program using an easy-to-learn computer code. This robot is built using circuits, hardware and instructions that are provided. It’s a step up from the LEGO kit and provides the next stage of robot building experience.

VEX ROBOT KITS – The VEX robot kits are a great way to get into a competition state-of-mind. Students will compete in the classroom, providing insight into what a real competition is like. VEX teaches students how to build and control a robot, while using engineering, computer science, teamwork, project management, and critical thinking skills.