UPDATED May 27th 2020

All families will be responsible to purchase or provide a laptop for their student based on the minimum required specification. Kennedy Catholic is offering to assist families with making a device selection. Technology department staff are willing to discuss options to assists families in finding a good quality device in the best possible price range. Please contact us with questions. We are happy to help!

We hoped to offer a laptop purchasing option with our education partner, however pricing is more competitive with online retailers at this time. This takes into consideration quality and warranty, but also price and availability. While we are not able to offer the direct sale of devices, we are happy to assist families as they evaluate options.

Chromebooks and iPads added as acceptable device options.

Kennedy Catholic prefers platform agnostic, web-based solutions for delivering content to students. With Office 365 and Canvas, some tablets and Chromebooks are viable options. Windows 10 and Mac laptops remain the preferred option. Please note: some ebooks and other electronic resources may not be available or function as well on some devices. If using a tablet or Chromebook, there may be times where use of a computer lab or library computer is necessary to complete some work.

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