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International Education

The Kennedy Catholic International High School Program hosts students from around the world. International students have a chance to be admitted to the school in August and in January.

There are 3 course tracks:

Elite Placement (CEFR C1 & C2) - Mainstream courses as well as the challenging courses in the Honors program. 
Summer College Credit courses: Allowed
TOEFL 80 and above/equivalent

Direct Academic Placement (CEFR B2) - Mainstream courses
Summer College Credit courses: Allowed
TOEFL 70 and above/equivalent

ESL* Placement (CEFR B1) - ESL courses as well as selected mainstream courses
Below TOEFL 70/equivalent
*English as a Second Language

INTEGRATED ENGLISH | LA1007 | Grades 9-11 | Semester + Full Year
Prerequisites: International students who are placed in Level 3 (ESL placement, below CEFR B2) 
In this course, International students will receive necessary support with English grammar, reading, writing, listening and speaking. Students will also study aspects of the writing process from research and analysis to note taking, interviewing, organizing, writing, peer editing, and rewriting. Students will learn to produce clear, thoughtful, effective essays and articles on current issues along with various types of reviews. 

INTERNATIONAL EDUCATION SUPPORT| MI1001 | Grades 9-12 | Semester + Full Year
Prerequisites: International students only, IE office approval
International Education (IE) Support is a program of scheduled and supervised study sessions designed for international students (Grades 9-12). The purpose is to provide a monitored and disciplined study environment with support from the IE Office. A clear, individualized study plan or project will be developed for each student by working closely with the teachers (IE support teachers and a subject teacher). The students in Integrated English are required to join this program to get extra support from teachers. Other international students may join the class with IE Office approval.

Prerequisites: Students new to Kennedy Catholic High School, instructor approval 
An introductory theology course for students in their first year at Kennedy Catholic High School who are new to Christianity and Catholic teaching. Students will examine the ways in which Catholic theology is rooted in and informs Catholic practice. The course will provide an overview of all major theological areas including scriptural, historical, philosophical, liturgical and moral theology.