UW Chem Code of Conduct



By taking the Final Exam in this course, I acknowledge the following:

1. I certify that the work I will submit on the Final Exam will be solely my work. I will not seek out or accept any input from another individual, group of individuals, or online resources.

2. I will not communicate with other members of the class or provide assistance to other students during or after the Final Exam.

3. I understand that the Final Exam is open-book, and that I may use the course text, notes, and other written resources I have collected during the semester. However, collaborating with other students, using other students’ exams, and using any online or app-based assistance is not allowed.

4. I understand that posting Chem 110 content, in whole or in part, from quizzes, exams, assignments, and lectures on 3rd party platforms is strictly prohibited in this course.

5. I accept the consequences of academic dishonesty.

By clicking "Submit" at the bottom of this form, you are electronically signing this code of conduct and agreeing to all the above statements.  Students cannot participate in the final exam without receipt of this signed policy.  If you have any questions, please contact Deborah Lazerte.  

· I agree to abide by the above statements.

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