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Vocal Music

The Vocal Music classes of the Fine Arts Department endeavor to cultivate an understanding and appreciation of the affective dimensions of humankind, as expressed in choral literature.

• I want to compete in athletics. Can I take music at the same time?
Yes, of course. Sports and music are compatible. Music classes are taken during the school day, while interscholastic sports take place after school. Students do not have to opt for one or the other. They can participate in both. Over two thirds of the current music students currently participate in a JV or varsity sport.

• When do we perform?
Performances happen frequently throughout the year. All choirs participate in a Christmas concert and a spring concert, as well as the Archdiocesan Festival of Choirs at Benaroya Hall in February. Other performances include regional choral assessments, collegiate choral festivals, assemblies, caroling, and tours, depending on the choir and need. Another important ministry of the choirs is to provide music for all-school liturgies.

• I am interested in musical theatre. Is the choir involved in one?
Kennedy Catholic High School presents a musical annually. While many choir students audition and choose to participate, it is an activity that separate from choir class.

What kind of music do we sing?
As a choir student, you will sing music from all different time periods and parts of the world. You will experience both sacred and secular music, a cappella and accompanied 21st century and 15th century, and everything in between.

• I like to sing but am not sure about singing alone or how good I actually am. Is choir for me?
Of course! All students with the desire and heart to sing should make choir a part of their day! Choir is an ensemble, which means that everyone sings together. There are solo opportunities in choir, but they are not mandatory. The beauty of choral music is that everyone comes together to create one product; we are a team. Don’t worry about how good you are- usually everyone is thinking that same thing. You will only get better and together, we are strong.