Theatre Arts

Lindsay Brown

Choir Teacher
Department Chair

The Drama Department classes and school productions examine the human condition as portrayed in plays and observed in life. They train the student to improve self expression through understanding the voice, body, emotions and intellect. Various forms of theatre are experienced including classical and contemporary plays as well as improvisation and interactive theatre. Kennedy Catholic now has a troop chartered in the International Thespian Society.

Kennedy Catholic High School Drama Faculty:

Mr. Jim Lapan - Instructor, Drama

How many productions are offered at Kennedy Catholic?
Kennedy Catholic produces two large productions each year – a play and a musical. We also develop a touring company that performs at grade schools in the spring. The musical is produced in collaboration with the Music and Visual Arts departments.

When are the rehearsals for the productions?
Rehearsals for productions are after school at the same time as sports.

Who can audition for the plays?
Everyone is invited. There are no restrictions on grade level or experience to audition for a production.



An overview of the theatre, its elements, genres and various disciplines, this course involves both academic inquiry and practical exploration of craft. Units include western theatre origins, acting, reading the modern play, genres, mask, improvisation, play writing and the collaborative process. Students will gain both the ability to discuss a work of theatre and to approach it creatively.


Prerequisite: Introduction to Theatre or teacher recommendation.

This course lays a foundation for actors who want to work onstage. Craft exercises and modern scene exploration will be followed by more advanced units including Shakespeare, clown work, improvisation, sketch comedy and audition technique. The course will also involve creating and performing devised work.


Students will learn the principles of improvisation and the discipline needed to perform without a script. By participating in a variety of carefully sequenced theater games, students will develop stage presence, physical and vocal focus, and the ability to work effectively with others.


Open to all Kennedy Catholic students. In this course, students will learn to practice safe and effective stagecraft and design skills with an emphasis on collaboration. Units include Tools and Safety; Scenic Design; Stage Management; Lighting and Sounds; Costumes; and Props.


2018 Fall Play - A Midsummer Night's Dream

2018 Spring Play - High School Musical

2017 Fall Play - The Crucible

2017 Spring Musical - Camelot

As Kennedy Catholic High School celebrated its 50th anniversary, it seemed only fitting to produce the musical that is most strongly associated with John F. Kennedy, his work, and his legacy.

Camelot is the story of King Arthur and his quest to transform his kingdom into something better. The show featured such beloved songs as If Ever I would Leave You, How To Handle A Woman, and The Lusty Month Of May.

Over 30 students worked together to tell a big, charming, challenging, and timeless story.

2016 Fall Play - Leaving Iowa

The family road trip is a great American tradition. It brings families closer – quite literally – and creates lasting memories. Of course, memory being what it is, what we remember from these events is seldom what we set out to see.

Leaving Iowa is a comic, sweet and occasionally somber tale of what you can find when you are hopelessly lost. Don, the central character, is charged with disposing of his late father’s ashes. He expects this to be a two-hour excursion, but ends up retracing an infamous family road trip from the 1970s. Along the way he encounters a variety of unusual (and often hilarious) characters.

Written by Tim Clue & Spike Manton.

2016 Spring Musical - Honk!

Adapted from Hans Christian Andersen's story The Ugly Duckling, Honk! offers a message of patience and inclusion. The musical is set in the countryside and features Ugly - a cygnet who is mistaken as an ugly duckling upon falling into his mother's nest and is rejected by everyone but Ida (his mother), a sly tomcat who only befriends him out of hunger, and several other barnyard characters.

2015 Fall Play - Major Barbara

Major Barbara, by George Bernard Shaw

George Bernard Shaw was a troublemaker, an Irish born playwright who loved to poke fun at the inhabitants of London, his adopted home. His plays are full of wit, wisdom and unforgettable characters, and Major Barbara is no exception. Barbara, a young woman who has committed her life to serving and saving the under served, finds that life derailed by the arrival of her father, his money, and his questionable intentions.

Lancer Acts

Lancer Acts are one-act, student directed performances hosted by the Kennedy Catholic drama department.

Lancer Acts II

LancerActs II, our second annual evening of student directed one-act plays, is coming to the Little Theater May 19 & 20 at 7pm. This year’s program includes All in the Timing by David Ives, directed by Caitlin Shorten, and The Brothers Grimm Spectaculathon by Don Zolidis , directed by Connor McClean and Madi Brown. LancerActs II is a fun, informal, student driven event.

Kennedy Catholic Touring Company

About the ensemble and its mission:

The touring company is the public service component of Kennedy Catholic’s theatre program. Students meet weekly after school throughout the year to rehearse. Our plays are devised largely through improvisation, and created with younger people in mind. Our mission is to entertain our school-age audiences while challenging them to discover their better selves.