Theatre Arts

The Drama Department classes and school productions examine the human condition as portrayed in plays and observed in life. They train the student to improve self expression through understanding the voice, body, emotions and intellect. Various forms of theatre are experienced including classical and contemporary plays as well as improvisation and interactive theatre. Kennedy Catholic now has a troop chartered in the International Thespian Society.

How many productions are offered at Kennedy Catholic?
Kennedy Catholic produces two large productions each year – a play and a musical. We also develop a touring company that performs at grade schools in the spring. The musical is produced in collaboration with the Music and Visual Arts departments.


When are the rehearsals for the productions?
Rehearsals for productions are after school at the same time as sports.

Who can audition for the plays?
Everyone is invited. There are no restrictions on grade level or experience to audition for a production.


Fall Play 2021

Click here for the full press release for Kennedy Catholic High School Presents: Clue.