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During each of their four years of high school, students study two basic areas -- literature and language. In general, the student goals of the English curriculum are to read broadly in English, American, and world literature so they can explore multiple perspectives; to respond to literature both affectively and evaluatively; to use critical skill in reading unfamiliar texts; to begin to acquire the ability to discuss serious subject matter, both verbally and in writing; and to acquire a lifelong enjoyment of reading literature and appreciation for the written word.

Students have the opportunities for advanced study each year at Kennedy Catholic. Freshmen are offered Interdisciplinary Honors English, which includes the experience of competing in National History Day. Sophomores are offered an honors-level course. Juniors and seniors have the option of taking honors-level college credit courses (juniors can take AP Literature and Composition and senior choices include UW College Writing 131 and Seattle University Matteo Ricci Great Ideas).

All students will read a minimum of one grade-level book every summer as determined by English department. For senior-level courses, successful completion of of the written component of the Integrated Service Learning Experience (ISLE) is required for credit. 

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