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Tina Petrusha, Social Studies, AVID Department Chair

Advancing Via Individual Determination (AVID) is a program dedicated to closing the opportunity gap among students. AVID is a nationwide program and has been helping students for over 30 years. Kennedy Catholic is currently the only Catholic high school in Washington to offer the AVID elective for our students. 

Strong candidates for AVID are students who are interested in completing a college-prep curriculum but may need additional support to meet their fullest potential. AVID provides intentional and structured strategies and resources for students to create plans that align with their goals for attending college and university after graduation. In addition to teaching students the necessary skills and techniques in the classroom, AVID helps students navigate the college admissions and finical aid process. AVID students are motivated to do well and are serious about their academic future.

AVID counts toward general elective credits and most students are enrolled in AVID for all four years of high school.