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Aquinas Honors Program

The Aquinas Honors Program is available to students seeking advanced academic challenges and includes the upper division honors classes in the Arts, English, World Languages, Math, Social Studies and Science Departments. Its purpose is to provide coordination and support of the honors curriculum at John F. Kennedy Catholic High School. Each year, 40% of Kennedy Catholic juniors and seniors take at least two college-credit bearing courses on the Kennedy Catholic campus. Graduates of the Aquinas Honors Program leave Kennedy Catholic with a minimum of 20 college credits from the college level courses offered on the Kennedy Catholic Campus.


Credits earned through this program are transferable to most colleges in the nation. Kennedy Catholic offers college credit classes through three sources:

The University of Washington
Matteo Ricci College at Seattle University
The Advanced Placement Program

Aquinas Honors Classes

ARTS: Jazz Ensemble, Advanced Art, Vocal Ensemble

ENGLISH: Honors Interdisciplinary English 1 and World History, Honors English 2, English 4: Global Identities in Literature

MATHEMATICS: Honors Algebra 2, Honors Geometry, Calculus

SCIENCE: Physics, Honors Biology, Honors Physical Science

THEOLOGY: Honors Paschal Mystery/Morality

WORLD LANGUAGES: Spanish 3 Honors, Spanish 5 Honors, American Sign Language 3 Honors, French 3 Honors, French 5 Honors, Latin 3 Honors, Latin 5 Honors