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The program of studies at Kennedy Catholic is designed to provide every student a sound educational background in English, Laboratory Science, Mathematics, Social Studies and Theology. At the same time, the curriculum contains a number of elective options which allow for individual differences in talent, interest and future goals.

Behind the curriculum at Kennedy Catholic is the philosophical assumption that cognitive and affective goals are of equal importance. That is, we strive not only to develop the intellectual abilities of the student but also attitudes and values.

Furthermore, the Kennedy Catholic philosophy recognizes that knowledge of specific terminology, conventions and ideas represents just one aspect of the student’s intellectual development. Learning how to learn is the most important aspect.

To this end, Kennedy Catholic attempts to produce students who, as individuals and as cooperative members of a group, have confidence in their ability to learn, enjoy solving problems, develop the mental flexibility to view complex problems from multiple points of view, and have the ability to distinguish between statements of fact and other types of statements such as opinion and theory.

Kennedy Catholic has a wide range of course offerings which are detailed in our Course Catalog. The catalog also outlines graduation requirements as well as other academic responsibilities.