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Books are listed by academic department. Courses not listed, such as Art, Music, or Fitness, do not have textbooks assigned.

2020-2021 Book List

2020-2021 Saint Teresa Program Book List


Students at Kennedy Catholic are encouraged to read books of their own choosing over the summer. All students attending Kennedy Catholic are required to read one book before the start of the school year. It is good to keep a reading journal and to write down any questions you might have as you read. The assessment of this book will occur within the first two weeks of school in your English class.

Please keep in mind that some books may contain language or content that some parents may not be comfortable with. We make every effort to choose books that illustrate the Seven Themes of Catholic Social Teaching and also relate to many disciplines and topics; however, we encourage parents and students to read the books together and discuss them during and after reading. Students are also encouraged to form informal book clubs to read and discuss the books with their classmates.

We encourage students to purchase a copy of their Summer Read to help build their own library, but we understand this isn’t always possible. You can order your book(s) online or from your local library or bookseller. Books may also be available for Kindle and Nook. (discount) (discount)

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