Because of Kennedy Catholic's wide range of college classes, I had enough credits to start college at a sophomore standing. I was well prepared for a fast-paced, intensive college education. My teachers were supportive, my classes were engaging, and my peers were excited to learn.

- Chloe ’19

With a comprehensive program reflecting our belief that all students can achieve academic excellence, we support a variety of learning styles. We will challenge you to think critically, take risks and try new things. We’ll encourage you to investigate opportunities that will help you grow, reach, and learn. The benefits you will reap after four years at Kennedy Catholic will stretch far beyond academics.

AQUINAS HONORS PROGRAM: Aquinas Honors classes engage a diverse population of students through a rigorous interdisciplinary curriculum that promotes innovative thinking and creative expression.
ADVANCED PLACEMENT: AP prepares students to pass an exam to prove mastery of college-level curriculum.
DUAL CREDIT COURSES: Dual credit enrolls students in college courses while still in high school, allowing them to earn credit for both – all while saving money.
INTERNATIONAL EDUCATION: Each year, we welcome 90+ international students from all corners of the world to study on our campus. International students can reside in our residence hall or live with host families. The ESL program offers a curriculum designed to teach speaking, reading, writing, and listening with levels appropriate to ability and need.
ST. TERESA OF CALCUTTA PROGRAM: The St. Teresa Program provides a bridge to independence by maximizing a student’s fullest potential through a comprehensive program of study, reinforcing executive functioning skills, self-advocacy, and an emphasis on preparing students for the 21st century.
AVID: AVID’s mission is to close the achievement gap by preparing all students for college readiness and success in a global society.