Annual Report

"By your fruit, you will be recognized." Matthew 7:16

As we close out the end of our 50th anniversary year, there is so much to celebrate. This past year has been filled with milestones; students now study in a 21st century library, we hosted our inaugural Lancer Loop Fun Run, the building has been wired to support current and future technology needs, new paint and light fixtures reached the second and third floors, and our new website was launched - just to name a few.

Each day is an opportunity to witness transformation. Students challenged to reach academic excellence. A deeply talented and dedicated faculty and staff who encourage, support and mentor. A loyal and generous Kennedy Catholic community whose efforts make it all possible. Fifty years of tradition have defined the Lancer family – all with one goal in mind: graduating leaders following Christ in a school community that is accessible, diverse and committed to pursuing the fullest potential of every student.

Faculty, staff, parents, grandparents, alumni and friends made gifts to Kennedy Catholic this past year through in-kind contributions, countless volunteer hours and monetary support. The 2016 Annual Report includes financial contributions made to the school from July 1, 2015 through June 30, 2016. Each and every gift is an affirming confirmation of support.

In the 50 years since our founding, there are countless people who made contributions to our school and through their work, ensured our vitality. Our purpose is, and always will be, to secure the future of Kennedy Catholic. We thank each of our benefactors without whose immense support this would not be possible.

May our unity as the Lancer family inspire all future Lancers and may they in turn give glory to God through their endeavors rooted in our tradition of learning, faith and leadership.

2016 Kennedy Catholic Annual Report