Lancer Legacies

A Kennedy Catholic education is often a family tradition. There's a good chance that a Lancer student or alumni had a family member that attended the school as well. Legacy families are those of two or more generations of direct descendants who are recipients of degrees.

Below are some stories our alumni shared with us - and we want to share with you.

Lancer Legacy Stories

David '89 and Gabrielle '90 Jacobsen

My now husband Dave and I met and "dated" in 7th grade at St. Bernadette Catholic School. (Actually, Dave was an 8th grader at the time.) We both attended Kennedy, but never dated. We both attended Highline Community College, again never dated. The week of graduation from college, we began dating again. We married in 1996 at St. Bernadette with many Kennedy graduates in attendance.

Dave and I have sacrificed in order to provide our children with a Catholic education, a decision we will never regret. We believe Kennedy Catholic has given our girls the safety, morality and education which will bring them happiness in life and in their relationship with God.

Many people have argued our decision based on their belief that a private school education is, in a way, giving them a false sense of security in our world today. Putting “rose colored glasses” on kids who will not be ready for the world around them. Not only do we believe that analogy to be wrong, but we encourage our girls to look to the good around them. Be the positive and friendly people we’ve raised them to be and allow them to enjoy being young adults.

Dave and I are very close friends with many Kennedy alumni, many of whom were our friends while at Kennedy. We are very fortunate to have met many other alumni parents during the last 4 years and now call them our friends too.

Thanks for all you do!