Freshman Retreat Opportunities

Two incredible retreat experiences are offered to Freshman.

The first is with LINK Crew. In late August, the new students of Kennedy Catholic participate in a special welcome day. The upperclassmen help new students get to know each other and learn the traditions and customs of Kennedy Catholic High School, and experience the "family atmosphere" of which we are so proud. Throughout the year, Freshmen can expect to do monthly activities with their LINK Crew leaders. Jenny Farrell and Katie Burns are the directors of this retreat day.

Instituted in 2015, the second retreat occurs the last weekend of February over the course of three days and is called "Freshman Retreat". Beginning on Thursday night, Freshman are welcomed by 60 leaders who are trained to build community, lead prayer and activities, and reinvigorate the Freshman Class with affirmation, lasting memories, and a deepening of their spiritual journey. Freshman come back to school Friday morning for a 24-hour on campus retreat that includes serving for three hours at a local non-profit, celebrating with a community meal and mass, and many other bonding activities that help students to connect with each other and the mission of Kennedy Catholic. This incredible retreat offers parents of upperclassmen the opportunity to get involved as well! Contact Kelsey Harrington for more information.

Sophomore Solidarity Retreat

Following the seven themes of Catholic Social Teachings, we have patterned the 12-hour Sophomore Retreat after these best kept secrets of our Catholic faith. Broken into their respective genders over two separate weekends, this retreat offers opportunities for students to reach out in our community to serve the poor and vulnerable. During this retreat students will explore issues of poverty through direct service, small group activities, challenges, and reflection. We will build community and have fun with the ultimate goal of each student becoming more deeply a person for and with others. Clare Ettensohn directs these retreats.

SEARCH Retreats

Campus Ministry hosts three SEARCH retreats each year: the last weekend of October, the first weekend of December and the second weekend of March; Thursday through Saturday. These retreats are open to all Juniors and Seniors. We spend the weekend "SEARCHing" for self, church and God. Over 95% of our graduates attend this retreat with many serving as a leader. SEARCH has impacted thousands of students in it's 35+ years (that's 80+ SEARCH Retreats!) and continues to positively impact the spiritual lives of our students. Aires Patulot, Kelsey Harrington, Jenny Farrell, Greg Caldwell, Allison Reddy, and Nick McCluskey as well as alum Nick Freeman '96 all help to coordinate SEARCH.

SEARCH RETREAT SIGN-UPS: Online Registration will be open until Thursday, October 13 for Fall, Winter, and Spring Search. All current juniors and seniors wishing to attend Fall, Winter, or Spring Search Retreat MUST register online.

SEARCH Registration

Senior Retreat

This popular 12-hour retreat is held at the University of Washington's Newman Center. Students are led through a day long reflection on their life thus far and look to the future of where they are headed in terms of their faith, community, and values. Multiple faculty members help coordinate this retreat. Both Campus Ministry and the Senior Class Officers help create the theme and activities for this memorable retreat.

Senior Contemplative Retreat

In the Spring 2017, Campus Ministry will hold it's first Senior Contemplative Retreat. This 24-hour retreat is for students who desire a personal retreat as they anticipate transitioning from high school to college. This retreat will offer time for personal and communal prayer around the topics of discernment and God's call to be women and men for others.

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