A Catholic school education is a significant investment and commitment for any family. While every effort is made to keep tuition costs at a reasonable level, tuition is subject to increase each year. Kennedy Catholic depends on tuition, fundraising and conservative stewardship of our resources to maintain financial stability and viability. Our Finance Committee undertakes an annual review of tuition and fees which includes a current market survey. We believe a Kennedy Catholic education is the best value available in the Seattle and surrounding area.

During the annual review process, we are guided by our Vision 2020 Strategic Plan and Five Year Financial Plan to effectively identify, plan and prioritize our resources and opportunities to not only sustain but also grow the school to meet the needs of our students and families. We receive no financial support or funding from the Archdiocese of Seattle, parishes or from the state. We encourage families to apply for assistance.

2018-2019 Tuition and Fees

Domestic Tuition

Annual tuition for all domestic students:
1st student - $14,688
2nd student -$14,688
3rd student - $3,216

Monthly (June - May) $1,224/month

There will be no charge for a 4th student in the family if attending at the same time.

Saint Teresa of Calcutta Program Tuition

Annual tuition for the Saint Teresa of Calcutta Program:

Per student - $17,268
Monthly (June - May) $1,439/month


The enrollment fee will be $500 for grades 9-11 and $600 (includes $100 senior fee) for seniors if paid before March 2, 2018. A $50 late fee will added to the enrollment fee if paid on or after March 2, 2018.

Additionally, each family has a KATCH auction obligation of $350 if submitted by the procurement deadline, increasing to $400 after the deadline.


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Kennedy Catholic High School is committed to making tuition affordable for students from all economic backgrounds through need-based tuition assistance grants. 43% of the student population receives some form of assistance. Tuition assistance awards are reviewed annually. It is our goal to offer continuing support as long as financial circumstances require. Decisions regarding admission to the school and eligibility for tuition assistance are made independently. We encourage families to apply. Kennedy Catholic offers tuition assistance distributed in the form of direct tuition assistance grants.

Parents/guardians are required to complete a minimum of 20 hours of volunteer service to the school per family (10 hours for single parent households) if receiving tuition assistance. Hours will be tracked independently by parents/guardians and submitted electronically at the end of each school year. If no hours are completed or submitted, future tuition assistance may be reduced or held.

Requests for tuition assistance will be available starting November 1 and should be made before the application deadline of December 31. Late applications are considered on a funds available basis.


Our scholarship program is designed to honor students who demonstrate the qualities of a Kennedy Catholic High School student; leading the way in learning, faith and leadership. Kennedy Catholic offers merit-based scholarships that do not require any demonstrated financial need. Our goal is to ensure that an education at Kennedy Catholic High School is accessible to all who desire it.

Scholarships for New Students

Presidential Scholarships

All incoming freshmen applicants are automatically considered for Presidential Scholarships. To be eligible for this award, students must receive one of top ten composite scores on the High School Placement Test.

Leading Lancer Scholarships

All incoming freshman applicants are automatically considered for Leading Lancer scholarships. During the scholarship review process the following will be considered:

  • Admission application student essay
  • Teacher recommendation forms and transcripts
  • High School Placement Test scores
  • Leadership in school and community activities

Goodwin Scholars Program


In 1972, John M. Goodwin was appointed by Archbishop Connolly to serve as the third principal of John F. Kennedy Memorial High School. Principal Goodwin previously dedicated 20 years as an educator, administrator and coach at Seattle Prep and served five years as an assistant football coach at the University of Washington. His integrity, leadership skills, and deep dedication to Catholic education made him the perfect choice to be the new principal of the school. Graduates of the era remember Mr. Goodwin as sincerely interested in the success and well-being of each and every student both in the classroom and in life. More broadly, he was esteemed as a champion of the underdog with a passion for Catholic education and dedication to maintaining its affordability.

In partnership with the Goodwin family and other Kennedy supporters, Kennedy Catholic High School established the Goodwin Scholars program during our 50th anniversary celebration year. A Goodwin Scholar exemplifies its namesake: passionate about Catholic education, a leader by example in the classroom and community, living their faith through care, support and empathy for others. The Goodwin Scholar is well-rounded, and seeks opportunities for growth through service, academics, faith, sports and the arts. Through their diversity of backgrounds, interests and life experiences, Goodwin Scholars enrich the Kennedy Catholic experience.

This scholarship covers a portion of tuition ($3500) for study at Kennedy Catholic and will be awarded to one incoming freshman annually. The scholarship is renewable. The first recipient of this award will be a future Lancer from the Class of 2022. Mr. Goodwin was a pioneering leader in his time and through this scholarship program his legacy will continue to shape the future of Kennedy Catholic.

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Financial Need: Applicants should demonstrate financial need.

Character & Service: Applicants must be individuals of excellent character, demonstrating traits such as integrity, resiliency, initiative, gratitude, respectfulness, compassion, inclusivity (etc.). Applicants should demonstrate care for the well-being of others through day-to-day interactions and service activities in their community and school.

Leadership: Applicants should demonstrate leadership (in any of its many forms) through school activities, family life, church or faith group activities, sports, arts, community service, or other community activities. Regular admissions materials will be used to evaluate an applicant’s breadth of activities and interests including academic, service and leadership experiences.

Academic Excellence: Applicants should show a history of noteworthy academic achievement and a broad interest in learning and personal growth through academics. During their Kennedy Catholic Career, Scholars will be expected to pursue honors or other appropriately rigorous academic coursework. Applicants should possess and demonstrate strong written and oral communication skills. Applicants will be academically qualified by the School based on regular admissions materials, including prominently teacher recommendations.


The Goodwin Scholar Program is designed to cultivate leaders in and out of the classroom. Goodwin Scholars are expected to:

  • Maintain at least a 3.5 cumulative GPA (consideration will be given to strength of schedule and other factors impacting GPA).
  • Serve as a role model to other students by demonstrating respect and care for peers, teachers and the broader community.
  • Cultivate personal leadership skills and seek out diverse opportunities for leadership and service
  • Participate in a service project or regular volunteer activity annually.
  • Actively participate in school co-curricular programs.
  • Assist with Goodwin Scholar Award events.
  • Be in good standing (no probation of any kind) at all times
  • Participate in an annual interview prior to renewal


The Goodwin Scholar Award application consists of two components, in addition to regular admissions materials:

Essay—must be submitted using our online application (limit two pages)

Read the short biography for Principal Goodwin (found here) and in your essay:

  • Reflect on qualities he demonstrated that you particularly admire, or that you possess or hope to develop during your time at Kennedy Catholic.
  • Describe a specific time, an experience or an activity you have been involved in that showcases similar (or different) values that are important to you.
  • Describe how being a Goodwin Scholar, and having the opportunity to learn and develop leadership skills at a Catholic school, will help you pursue your educational and life goals.
  • Reflect on any personal attributes, perspectives, life experiences or skills you possess that would enrich the Kennedy Catholic community through your presence.

Letter of Recommendation—must be submitted using our online application

  • Submit one letter of recommendation from a teacher, counselor, coach, pastor or other individual familiar with you, your achievements and your future aspirations. The letter of recommendation should address these questions central to being a Goodwin Scholar:
  • What is your assessment of the applicant’s potential to be an effective leader and ambassador for Catholic education and Kennedy Catholic High School, particularly considering their prior life experiences and future goals and aspirations?
  • What qualities does the applicant demonstrate (be specific) to support your conclusion?
  • In what ways does the applicant evidence a commitment to service and/or understanding of others?

Information about scholarships for current students can be found here.