About the Technology Department

Technology is ever increasingly a part of our lives and this is especially true in education. It is the goal of the Kennedy Catholic Technology department to ensure technology serves as an aide and never a hindrance. Our use of technology at Kennedy Catholic is centered around our core values, mission, and philosophy as a school. Our goal is to:

  • Provide access to technology resources and programs to support varied learning styles and needs.
  • Strive to meet state and national standards for technology literacy and training including; OSPI technology standards and those recommended by ISTE (International Society for Technology in Education) and the NCCE (Northwest Council for Computers in Education).
  • Ensure college readiness includes proper use of technology devices, collaboration tools, and research skills.
  • Provide ongoing training and professional development to students, faculty, and staff.
  • Make the ethical use of all technology a priority in an age where digital citizenship is more important than ever and ensure technology use is in accordance with the Archdiocese of Seattle and Catholic teachings. Click HERE to find our published Technology Policies
  • Use technology to support collaboration and communication within the school community.
  • Provide impeccable support and customer service to all students, faculty, and staff and research the latest tools and trends to bring the best possible educational value to our school.

The Kennedy Catholic Technology Department is here to answers questions and offer support. We would love to hear from you. Contact us anytime by sending an email or giving us a call.

Technology Department Staff

Michael Fox

Director of Technology



Don Hoffman

Technology Coordinator



Steele Fredricksen

Educational Technology Coordinator



Technology Policies

Acceptable Use Policy

Acceptable Use of Computer and Network Services Policy

Kennedy Catholic High School requires computer use and provides computer network services to its on-campus community (administration, faculty, staff, students, and volunteers) to support the school’s mission. Computer network services are individual network accounts, which provide email, local area network, and Internet access. Kennedy Catholic, in accordance with the Goals and Criteria of the Seattle Archdiocese Catholic Schools Department, believes that these tools and services, when used in “an atmosphere of wise freedom,” significantly enrich and transform teaching and learning experiences at Kennedy Catholic, and further “deepen respect for intellectual values.”

Kennedy Catholic High School recognizes that access to these diverse electronic tools and resources comes with occasional risks that are inconsistent with the values and educational goals of the Seattle Archdiocese Catholic Schools Department. To promote and protect these values and goals, Kennedy Catholic actively limits access to network services, resources, and uses that are inappropriate for the school’s educational purposes. These limits will be applied and monitored across the Kennedy Catholic on-campus community as the school deems appropriate and necessary. These include, but

are not restricted to, network level software/hardware filtering, network monitoring, and classroom observation.

Integral to the Kennedy Catholic curriculum is the responsible use of these electronic resources by all members of the community. Since computer use is required and network services are provided by the school for its educational mission, Kennedy Catholic will take swift and appropriate disciplinary actions for any violations of the school’s Code of Conduct.

Code of Conduct

All users of computer/laptops and network resources at Kennedy Catholic must always act in accordance with the Goals and Criteria of the Seattle Archdiocese Catholic Schools Department. Users must always make a conscious effort to be of service to others and to the community, and always agree to follow these basic rules in their use of these electronic resources: Users must not harm themselves, others, or the school; must not damage, steal, or plagiarize intellectual property; must not allow other people or their property to be harmed.

This Kennedy Catholic Code of Conduct applies to all members of the Kennedy Catholic on-campus community (administration, faculty, staff, students, and volunteers) in their use of network services and/or affiliated laptop/computers (student laptops, school owned or leased computers). Unacceptable use will result in disciplinary action. Some examples of unacceptable use are:

• Illegal activity, including violation of copyright, other contracts or plagiarism

• Harassing, intimidating, or threatening others

• Financial or commercial gain without the approval of the school administration

• Intentionally degrading or disrupting network performance

• Attempting to access unauthorized resources

• Invading the privacy of individuals

• Providing information that places the user, other community members, or the school itself in possible harm

• Using the account of another user

• Using a proxy to access filtered sites

• Vandalism: Any attempt to harm or destroy data of another user or student will result in the loss of computer services and disciplinary action.

Kennedy Catholic network services are a shared resource. They are the property of the school, and as such, will be subject to on-going monitoring to ensure their integrity is in compliance with the Goals and Criteria of the Seattle Archdiocese Catholic Schools Department as well as in compliance with Kennedy Catholic policies, rules, and state and federal laws. All software installed by Kennedy Catholic on its affiliated computers (student computers, school owned or leased computers) is appropriately licensed by the school. Users agree that other software installed by individual users on affiliated laptops is appropriately licensed by the user for that installation. Kennedy Catholic reserves the right to remove any software from affiliated laptops that conflicts with the school’s educational mission. Finally, when a student upgrades to a new Kennedy Catholic laptop, or leaves the school, all school licensed software must be removed from the formerly affiliated laptop.

If there are any questions, please call the Director of Educational Technology at 206.957.9732.

User Agreement

Kennedy Catholic network services are connected to other networks, such as the Internet. In accordance with the Goals and Criteria of the Seattle Archdiocese Catholic Schools Department, Kennedy Catholic permits its staff, students, faculty, and others collaborating with the school access to

these network services.

Prior to receiving an account, an individual must read, understand, and consent to the following conditions. Kennedy Catholic is conscious of security concerns and attempts to make the network services reasonably secure. However:

1. Kennedy Catholic network services and its access to the Internet may contain information or materials which may be offensive or unsuitable for minors and adults. While Kennedy Catholic attempts to control and monitor electronic resources, the undersigned agrees to discharge and hold harmless the school, its officers, trustees and employees from all claims, liabilities, demands, causes of actions, costs, expenses or obligations of any kind, known or unknown, arising out of or in any way relating to his or her own or his or her child’s access to the Kennedy Catholic network services.

2. The undersigned acknowledges that the Goals and Criteria of the Seattle Archdiocese Catholic Schools Department applies to the use of Kennedy Catholic network services, and that any usage of these networks in violation of these goals or the Kennedy Catholic policy or procedures regarding usage of networks will be subject to potential loss of the ability to use this educational tool, and other disciplinary actions as deemed necessary.

3. The Internet and other networks accessed through Kennedy Catholic network services are open systems. This means that another individual within or outside the Kennedy Catholic community might access the files of a Kennedy Catholic user without the user’s prior knowledge or consent. Therefore, Kennedy Catholic’s advice to all network service users is, “Don’t put anything in writing that you wouldn’t want other people to read.”

4. As it is impossible to guarantee complete security, Kennedy Catholic accepts no responsibility for any consequences of unauthorized entry, even if such entry could have been prevented by procedures known to Kennedy Catholic, but not adopted.

5. Kennedy Catholic will make reasonable efforts to protect the electronic files of every account holder. However, an account holder’s files may be reviewed, collected and or used by Kennedy Catholic:

a. as required by law

b. as part of system maintenance activities

c. when there is reason to believe an account is being used for improper or illegal use

d. with the permission of the account holder.

6. Kennedy Catholic recognizes that it is unable, and not responsible, to control or monitor use of electronic resources by members of the school community off school property that are not connected to the Kennedy Catholic system, even if that use happens through an affiliated laptop. However, use of off-campus electronic resources by a member of the Kennedy Catholic community to defame or denigrate another member of the Kennedy Catholic community, or the school itself, will not be tolerated. Other inappropriate use includes harassment, use of school name, remarks directed to or about teachers, offensive communications and safety threats. When the school becomes aware of such off-campus abuse, it will be investigated and actions will be taken.

Microsoft Office 365 Policy

Student Email Code of Conduct: use of Microsoft Office365

Microsoft Office365 is for educational purposes only. This agreement states you will not use Microsoft Office365 for personal emails and personal social networking. In turn, you will not use personal email for school related communication. This agreement states that you will be polite and respectful of other students. You will also respect students' privacy and security when using Microsoft Office365. By signing this agreement you agree to the following:

1. Personal Responsibility: I will accept personal responsibility for reporting any misuse of Microsoft Office365 to my teacher or administrator.

2. Acceptable Use: The use of my assigned account will be in support of education and research and will support the educational goals and objectives of Kennedy Catholic High School. I am personally responsible for this provision at all times when using Microsoft Office365. In addition, I will abide by the following:

•I will not use Microsoft Office365 to post any web pages for commercial activities, product advertisement, or political advocacy.

•I will not use Microsoft Office365 to post any obscene, discriminatory or offensive material.

•I understand that school administration has the right to monitor all postings and emails.

•I understand that inappropriate language or harassment will result in loss of system privileges and/or other disciplinary measures.

•I understand that e-mail sent via Microsoft Office365 must be school related and must abide by the guidelines outlined here. I will immediately report any threatening, obscene, or harassing e-mail to my teacher(s).

•I understand that I will not share my Microsoft Office365 password with others and that I am responsible for all e-mail sent through my account.

•I understand that I will not use personal email accounts for school related communication or work submission,

•I understand that e-mail sent through this account may be scanned for content violating the terms of this agreement and that suspect e-mail may be reviewed by school administration.

3. Privileges: I understand that the use of Microsoft Office365 is a privilege, not a right, and that inappropriate use will result in a cancellation of those privileges and possible disciplinary action in accordance with school policy. The system administrator(s) may close an account at any time deemed necessary.

4. Email Etiquette and Privacy: I understand and will abide by the Kennedy Catholic High School Acceptable Use Policy and Code of Conduct.

Programs and Resources

TEALS Computer ScienceKennedy Catholic offers computer science courses in partnership with the Microsoft TEALS program. TEALS (Technology Education and Literacy in Schools) helps high schools build and grow sustainable computer science programs pairing high schools with software engineers who serve as part-time computer science teachers.

Office 365 for education is more than just email and a standard suite of office applications. It is now a fully integrated educational platform to facilitate classroom collaboration in an innovative new way. Every student has access to 5 licenses of the Office 365 suite. This means in addition to a TB of personal cloud storage, students, faculty, and staff can download the standard Office applications on up to 5 different devices.

Mac LabStudents learn audio/video production in our professional grade Mac lab using the latest industry standard editing software. All workstations are equipped with the latest Mac OS, Final Cut Pro, Garage Band, and Adobe Creative Cloud applications, such as Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, Premier Pro, After Effects, and more.


Kennedy Catholic offers a robotics club blending computer science, engineering, and 3-D modeling together into a dedicated technology pathway. Beginners will focus on the Lego EV3 Mindstorm for High School platform and RobotC programming language. Click HERE for more information about the club or to sign up!

In addition to classroom projectors, Apple TV's, and document cameras, Kennedy Catholic uses interactive flat-panel displays. These displays take full advantage of interactive software and can turn a laptop into a 80" multi-touch tablet.